We believe that what we put into our “engine” affects our overall well-being. So, for some benefits and intestinal well-being, say goodbye to artificial drinks and try our range of Kombucha and Water Kefir - your life will go from strength to strength.


Free-spirited and ambitious-minded, Peter and Matus soon decided to become the captains of their lives. They believe that the way they live their lives is their own decision. And there is something that has always been a constant in their lives: they chose to enjoy life to the fullest, maintaining a good balance between body and mind. During a trip to the USA, these two friends discovered Kombucha: an ancient drink, known as the elixir of immortality. They brought Kombucha with them and decided to give it to family and friends. That's when they realized that forty years ago, in former Czechoslovakia, their grandparents used to make Kombucha at home.


Peter and Matus realized what the perfect combination would be: to combine the entrepreneurial spirit with their heritage and convictions and make things happen. So they decided to produce their own Kombucha. But it couldn't be just another Kombucha… The goal was to create the tastiest and most authentic Kombucha. A pretty bold choice.


The passion for the ocean inspired them to move to Portugal, where they found the ideal conditions to produce a tasty and high quality Kombucha. The desire is to produce the tastiest and healthiest drinks on the planet. These captains' dream is just beginning. They want to inspire others to make good choices and become captains of their own lives, just as they do with “The GUTsy Captain Company”.


Peter and Matus' vision is to create the best tasting healthy drinks on the market, giving everyone healthy, natural and organic alternatives without compromising on taste. At GUTsy Captain Company we only use high quality natural ingredients and a proprietary culture of live bacteria. This is how we get authentic, lively and delicious-tasting drinks.


GUTsy Captain believes in a world that is increasingly conscious and concerned with health and well-being. We believe that if we make healthier choices – in what we drink as well as in our lifestyle – we will feel better and will likely live happier and longer. This is what motivated us to create authentic and high quality products, delicious but healthy. At GUTsy Captain we want to inspire and help everyone make better life choices. Choices that will make us live healthier and happier. And that is why, in addition to inspiring and helping, we remain aware that, in small day-to-day decisions, there is a need to make more conscious and balanced choices. What is better for our body, for our immune system, for our microbiome, for the gut.

We want to inspire the people we love to be the captains of their own lives. To remind them that in the most important decisions they should follow their intuition. Trust your emotions and not just listen to the rational side. It is a warning not to trust the ego, not to follow the status quo, political correctness, what is in fashion, what others consider right or wrong. It means that, when in doubt, we should always trust our gut feeling. We must always follow the motto – mind the gut. By choosing our healthy and delicious drinks, we are choosing to be healthier and consequently happier. For us, the key is to seek balance. Healthy but tasty. Ancestral, but unique. Effervescent but refreshing.




Organic and naturally fermented drinks to help the body and mind navigate life.

We believe that your instinct tells you what is best for you and your body. That's why we at GUTsy Captain Company want to inspire and help everyone make the best decisions. Decisions that make us healthier, happier and that also make the world a better place. Because a healthy body helps to achieve a healthy mind. And so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Kombucha and Water Kefir are drinks made for those who want to enjoy life and always feel good.

Get inspired by the words of our nutritionist


“Over the years, many studies have shown that gut bacteria have a huge impact on our body, affecting almost every physiological process, from the immune system, the ability to detoxify, nutrient absorption, metabolite production, energy production and synapses.” Today, more and more scientists associate intestinal bacteria with mood, memory capacity, libido, self-esteem, immune defenses and, more recently, with allergies, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, cancer, dementia and other degenerative problems. The intestine is the new heart of our health and we have to feed it with natural sources of probiotics (such as Kombucha and Water Kefir) and adequate foods, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and low in nutrients. Saturated fats and refined sugars.”